Level Instruments

  1. Quality

    is the outcome of wide experience plus constant outlay in research for innovative solutions.
    A success philosophy that translates into a wide and diversified product range, with both started and personalized articles, in addition to an efficient and “flexible” service.
    The entire series of aluminium section levels comes in four versions to meet the various market requirements. Fixed and adjustable central vial. One 90° side vial or two 90°+45°. Two 90° vials by request.

  2. Guarantee

    5 years vials guarantee made in Italy

  3. Reliability

    Level Instruments avails of leading-edge technologies in the working, control and calibration of the instruments.
    The strict and careful quality controls carried during each single production stage guarantee absolutely reliable products.
    All Level Instruments products are calibrated with the aid of modem electronic systems, wich enable an accuracy of 0.5 mm/m.

  4. Raw materials

    Raw materials are purchased exclusively from certified firms. A choice confirming the high standard of quality reached by Level Instruments.

  5. Private Label

    Thanks to the decennial experience and to the fl exibility of the manufacturing cicle Level Instruments can also offer, beside the regular production displayed on this catalogue, a wide range of personalised solution and “private labels”.
    We can personalize all our levels according to specific requirement, we can pait, prunt personalize with barcode, pack all our product according to specific need of any customer or market.

Who we are

Since 15 years Level Instruments has been operating in the measuring instruments sector for over ten years, to meet the needs of domestic and international market.

In the factory at Scurelle, situated about 40 km from Trent, the firm designs and manufactures a wide range of precision measuring devices, with a high quality standard guaranteed by the “Made in Italy” hallmark.

Level instruments

Our history


The project of manufacturing spirit levels starts initially with name FUSE


Level Instruments is registered as new company and the building of the manufacturing site begins


For the first time Level Instruments takes part as exhibitor to the most important world tool fair in Cologne “Eisenwarenmesse”


The first automated working-center to work level-profiles is introduced in the working process


Level Instruments changes its status in LTD, new partners enter the company to increase the business possibilities


Manufacturing capacity is increased and new models are introduced in the portfolio to reach a bigger number of markets


Level Instruments moves to new Headquarter doubling the offices and production spaces


A new important improvement take place with brand new fully automated working centers and innovative process to hold the vials on the profiles

LEVEL INSTRUMENTS designs and manufactures a wide range of precision measuring devices, with a high quality standard guaranteed by the “Made in Italy” hallmark.